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C82新刊内容紹介 [17]

C82新刊内容紹介 [10]
(via Hibiki and Kanade Love 4ever by ~italymogul2 on deviantART)
(via hibiki and kanade by *Terytan on deviantART)


So I’ve decided I will do that precure FIRST EPISODE OF EACH CONTINUITY stream I talked about in this post.

Here’s how it’ll go down:

-There are 9 seasons in total. We will be excluding 2 of them (Max Heart and GoGo) because they’re sequels (to the original and Yes! Precure 5! respectively)

-For Heartcatch and Suite, we will be watching the first two of both because both seasons ended their first episodes on cliffhangers.

-On this new computer I am only missing the first few episodes of Yes!, Suite and GoGo (which is irrelevant to this stream but). I am torrenting them now. Once they are done this stream is good to go.

So just to make it clear once more the schedule is:

  • Futari wa Pretty Cure episode 1
  • Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star episode 1
  • Yes! Precure 5! episode 1
  • Fresh Precure episode 1
  • Heartcatch Precure episode 1
  • Heartcatch Precure episode 2
  • Suite Precure episode 1
  • Suite Precure episode 2
  • Smile Precure episode 1 
  • whatever anyone wants afterwords (such as a precure movie of choice or the 14 minute long dance special if that’s done torrenting in time)

This can happen possibly tonight or tomorrow. (Today being Saturday June 16th of course) It will obviously depend on interest, how many people can show up and if the torrents finish in time (and whether or not my friends fucking get back to me about tonight 8|). If need be, it can be moved to next weekend.

If you have torrents for the Arienai+Eggplants Yes Precure 5 batch, or the Doremi-CureCom first episodes of Suite, please help me by seeding them. ; u ; It’ll make things go faster.

This stream is intended to be an introduction to Pretty Cure. Each continuity will be introduced. As such, to everyone who follows me and has never seen precure before but wants to, please come! Now you’ll know where all the fuck all this shit I keep reblogging comes from. I, and the other precure fans who will no doubt show up, will be happy to answer all your questions about each continuity and the franchise. :)

 Please reblog around to get the word out about the stream if you can! I’d like a lot of people to come out, especially other precure fans!

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Fresh 50 is out




「プリキュア落書き」/「らんどせるRX」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

「プリキュア落書き」/「らんどせるRX」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail